We are a Holographic / mixed reality solution company that bridges and enhances the connection of your business or organization with your consumers with the best 3D visualization of your ideas in mid air in real time. We create 3D Holographic solutions for Outdoor and Indoor Advertising, Transform Glass windows into Digital Holographic screens, Create 3D Life Size virtual Avatars, Holographic/Mixed reality Presentations, speeches, Campaigns, Holograms for events.

Our vision is to revolutionize the way brands communicate with their customers and at the same time we would like to give access to a wider audience.


Toadlabs Technology Inc. was founded in 2015 by Rajat Bangia in Guwahati as a visual production company and an event company. In 2021 we shifted our head-office to Bangalore. We organized events and also covered events. We wanted to use holographic technology in our events to give good branding to our clients. And as we looked deeper into holography, we realized that we could innovate effective solutions.

This technology enables you to see the product or the content in 3D without using 3D glasses. And and we feel strongly that mesmerizing 3D holographic visuals can revolutionize the way brands interact with their potential customers.

We provide tailor made solutions like holo box, holographic signages, billboards, mid air projections, interactive holographic platforms and mixed reality solutions.

The creation of your brands content is only limited to your imagination….




#23, Muninarayanappa Complex,
  Bagaluru Main Road, Kothnur,
  New Airport Road
  Bengaluru- 560077
  KA, India

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